Welcome to the Home of the Eastern Junior Vikings

First Practice is TOMORROW! 7/24

We are excited to start our 2018 season tomorrow. Practice begins at 6pm and knowing our coaches, I would get there early. Here is some important information to have for tomorrow’s first practice….

Make sure you have at least placed your deposit down and have installment plan set up so you can practice. Unregistered players are not able to practice for insurance purposes so it is very important to get that done. Once registered, your son is placed on the appropriate roster on teamsnap.

The first week, the players will be in shorts, t-shirts, and cleats. Please make sure they have plenty of water to drink because conditioning is a big part of the first week. You will be notified as to when your sons team has their equipment hand out night. At equipment hand out night, you will need to have a $150 deposit check ( made out to the Eastern Jr. Vikings ) for the equipment. This check is not deposited but is held until the end of the season. It is given back to you when you return the equipment.

The first week – they are to be dressed in shorts, t-shirts, and cleats. Have plenty of water available.

See everyone tomorrow!