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Loop Run – Running Back Drill #2

Shaun Alexander leads the West Valley Tiny Mite Falcons through the Loop Run Drill.  This youth football drill teaches young players to stay low and light on their toes while running with the football.

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First Step Drill

In this youth football drill for quarterbacks it works on breaking down the very first step after the ball is snapped back to the QB. It is key for the QB to focus on the placement of his right foot in order to be in a passing position.

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The 5-Step Drop With Peyton Manning

This is the latest instructional video from our Peyton Manning clinic. We’ve already seen the 3-step drop, which is mainly used for short, quick passes. The 5-step drop is traditionally used for longer passes, as it gives more time for the receiver to get down field. Have a look at the master at work.

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Delivering The Pass

In this youth football drill will break down the best way to throw the ball. Use these fundamentals to teach a beginner QB the perfect technique or to refresh a veteran of the keys to passing.

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Rapid Toss Drill

This youth football drill for quarterbacks will strengthen their reaction time and quickness when passing the ball. This can be used for a QB at any level to help them learn and improve.  

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