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John Doherty excited as Eastern Regional High School’s new head football coach

Eastern Regional High School has hired John Doherty as its head football coach. Doherty replaces Daniel Boguszewski, who resigned in January.

Jason Hill, vice principal of athletics at Eastern Regional High School, announced Doherty’s hiring in a statement Wednesday.

“Over the course of his career, he has proven himself as educator, role model and winner,” the statement read. “Eastern Regional High School is extremely excited about the addition of Mr. Doherty as the head football coach.”

Doherty was the head football coach at Paul VI High School from 2003 to 2015. During his tenure, the program had 10 playoff appearances and won seven conference titles.

There was excitement in Doherty’s voice as he spoke about his new position. He said he accepted the offer as soon as it was presented to him, which is no surprise — he was Eastern’s defensive coordinator last season. He added that being a Voorhees resident makes this even more special.

“It definitely helped with my decision because I knew the kids already and what type of kids they were,” Doherty said. “It’s an advantage knowing the kids already. It adds a little idea of what they’re good at and what we need to work on.”

Doherty said there were other reasons he felt this was a good opportunity.

“You’ve got a fantastic school in Eastern (Regional) High School, where they have a great education and great sports program, and they also have great diversity in the school,” he said. “Being in Voorhees is another benefit to it. It just adds more of the community aspect.”

Doherty, who is employed at Howard Phifer Middle School in Pennsauken as a school counselor, called this job a great challenge. One of the top things he wants to put in place is to grow the program and let the community know there are more positives than negatives in this sport, and that he and his staff are teaching football in a safe way.

“I know there’s been some good things going on despite their record the last couple years,” he said. “I think one of the biggest things is trying to really get the football program to grow within the community and get more kids out for the sport. I think you’ve seen it all around the country — football is taking a hit with concussions. I just think it’s important to let people know we’re teaching football the safe way and the positives and how much you can learn from playing football.”

What he has the most excitement about is bringing Eastern back to its winning ways — something he says without a doubt is attainable.

“My goal is without a doubt to make the playoffs,” he said. “Just like in life, you have to shoot higher in case you don’t land. You shoot for the moon; you might land on the stars. I think we have the ability. It’s not going to come easy, but it’s definitely a goal that’s achievable.”

Content credit – Julie Shannon from The Voorhees Sun